Mother, Daughter (Animated short film)

About the film:  An animated retelling of a candid conversation between my mother and I about her decision to have a child.   Directed, written and produced by Shavon Meyers.


About the film: A hauntingly beautiful piece that explores depression, religion and sexuality through one woman’s daring tale of love deferred . Corazón invites you into a new world and challenges your beliefs by exposing you to a reality that most never knew existed. Corazón is the third short film by filmmaker Shavon Meyers. The film was written, directed, shot and edited by Shavon Meyers. The film was shot on location in Brooklyn, New York.

Look Up

About the film: In this new age of technology focused on social media, text messaging and instant connection, we are more disconnected than ever. In the film “Look Up” a young man learns a valuable life lesson about this disconnection from a stranger in New York City. “Look Up” is the second narrative short film from filmmaker Shavon Meyers. The film was shot on location in New York City and is written, directed produced and edited by Shavon Meyers .

Sunday School

About the film: Sometimes, when you think you’ve done it all, you do the unthinkable. This is one girl’s story of survival meant to bring to light choices that young people are forced to make to better themselves.  Sunday School is written, directed, produced and shot by Shavon Meyers who also serves as the film's star.

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